February 2012

The road to Banteay Chhmar

The road to Banteay Chhmar

Now, the road from Sisophon to Banteay Chhmar is quite good. It has recently been graded. By share or private taxi it should only take a little more than an hour from Sisophon. It is also easy for tour buses and mini-vans coming from Siem Reap. However, we do caution you to take extra care if coming by moto as the dust can cause blind spots. And, we recommend against hiring a tuk-tuk from Sisophon  as this is not a very comfortable way to travel.





Ethereal scene

Visitors should visit the temple in the morning or evening hours because the temperature can be very hot (about 37C) during the middle of the day. This is also a more ‘magical’ time with some fantastic lighting and shadows.  Also, you should bring one or two bottles of drinking water when you visit the temple.  You can always ask one of our tour guides for any suggestions or help.





Cambodia CBT Meeting

CBT/CBET network meeting

CBT/CBET members and friends gathered for a meeting in Phnom Penh on February 27. We discussed and contributed news about visitor surveys, action plans, capacity-building, and dealing with challenges such as legislative rules – what should the Cambodian Ecotourism Law look like? A speaker from the Department of Tourism presented a draft law. We all hope to foster a better relationship between all the CBTs, the government  and the private sector. Cambodia has much to offer the visitor in terms of authentic and responsible tourism experiences.





We recently formed a partnership between the Banteay Chhmar CBT and  Korea Travelers’ Map tour agency. This partnership will support the first community library in Banteay Chhmar. We will start the building process (in the CBT building) in March as well as beginning to purchase library books and materials. We welcome all kinds of books and other educational materials for the library.  Thank you for your support.  Please see our Support Us page for more information.

January 2012

Happy  New Year to everyone!  We hope that 2012 will be a happy and healthy new year for all our friends, visitors and supporters.  Here in Banteay Chhmar, the year has gotten off to an excellent start.  We already have some very good news to share with you.


We have recently received two very generous donations.  First, Travelers’ Map of Korea will be supporting the very first community library in Banteay Chhmar! We are very excited about this and we are sure all the students and children will be very happy. Their donation will provide for books and educational materials, a librarian, construction and other start-up costs for the first year. The library will be housed in part of the CBT office. Hopefully, through time, we will find a more permanent site in the commune for the library. Again, the entire community is very thankful to Travelers’ Map.  They have been regular visitors to our CBT for quite some time now, and we hope to welcome our Korean friends for many more years. You can follow the progress of the library here on our website and on our Facebook page.  We hope to start purchasing supplies and preparing the library area in early February.

Kitchen cabinet courtesy of Other Ways Tours

A second donation came from another one of tour operators – Other Ways Tours.  Kim Nou and his staff have provided two first-aid kits and a storage cabinet for our kitchen supplies. Our cooking staff is very happy and we hope we will not need to use our first-aid kits – but better safe, than sorry 🙂




Cassava cutting season! Now is the time when cassava is harvested, cut and dried. It is usually exported to Thailand to be processed as a food additive.