Khmer Wedding Ceremony

On May 14th and 15th, 2011 one of our CBT members got married.  We’d like to congratulate, Soeung Savy, on her marriage to her husband, Ahn.  Savy is 23 years old and is one the CBT’s best cooks!  Her husband, Ahn, is a farmer.

We all want to wish Savy and Ahn a long, happy marriage and life together.

The Khmer wedding ceremony normally lasts two days and involves several activities.  In truth, however, wedding preparations and activities start well before the actual wedding day including the presentation of the dowry to the bride’s family.

For more information about traditional and modern Khmer weddings, please visit  Khmer Wedding and the Cambodian Department of Tourism website.

This video includes the Hai Goan Gomloh (Groom’s Processional). At the beginning of the day, the bride customarily waits at her parent’s house while the groom gathers a procession of his family and friends. The procession symbolizes the journey of the prince Preah Thong to meet his bride the princess Neang Neak. The groom’s procession approaches the bride’s home bearing wrapped platters of gifts, usually fruits and Khmer desserts, and is led by a band of musicians and singers.

Following the Hai Goan Gomloh, and the entrance of the bride there was a short and funny storytelling.  This is called Chhut Chak Kom Pliang.

The Gaat Sah (Hair Cutting Ceremony) follows.  To prepare the bride and groom for their life as a married couple, their hair is symbolically cut, representing a fresh start to their new relationship together as husband and wife. The master of ceremony performs the first symbolic hair cut and wishes the couple happiness, prosperity, and longevity. The bride and groom’s parents, relatives, and friends then take turn to symbolically cut the bride and groom’s hair and give them blessings and well-wishes.  In the old days, the bride and groom’s hair were really cut during this ceremony, but in modern times it is only done symbolically.

The second day of the wedding ceremony is a day for greeting guests, eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating.

The background music to the video is Luom Neang which is normally played on the first night of the wedding ceremony when the groom speaks with his new bride.