July 2012

July was a very dry month here in Cambodia. A lot of farmers are worried about having a good rice harvest this year. As you know, rice is the primary source of food and income for most Cambodians. We all hope the rains pick up soon.

Global Heritage Fund workers recently completed rebuilding this section of the East gallery.

In other news, workers from Global Heritage Fund completed reconstruction of a significant section along the east gallery of the temple. This section was precariously close to collapse. Now, it has been significantly stablilized and displays some more of the remarkbale bas-reliefs of King Jayavarman VII and the Angkorian era. We are all excited to see the conservation project progressing.

The CBT tour guides also continue their studies.  They have been spending quite a lot of time inside the temple examining and learning to understand all the Hindu and Buddhist gods, myths  and stories, along with learning about the architectural construction of the temple. It is a long process to understand all this, but they are all doing well with their studies.

CBT tour guides study inside the temple

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