September 2012

Students enjoying their community library

In September, the CBT community library began the first steps of starting English and Khmer lessons for students in Banteay Chhmar.  Students were informed of the lessons and given an entry test to attain their skill level.  After the official state school year starts (in October), a schedule will be drafted for students in Banteay Chhmar who want to attend additional lessons and do their homework in the CBT library.  We all hope to see a lot of students studying and learning!




If you have not already watched this documentary from Al Jazeera, we highly recommend you take some time to view this important episode.  This documentary reviews the relationship between the UNESCO World Heritage programme and tourism development in Southeast Asia.  This is an important issue facing us here in Banteay Chhmar as the Cambodian government would like to see the Banteay Chhmar temple complex become designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Yet, we want to preserve the culture and heritage of the area while improving the livelihoods of the community.  The video contains footage of Banteay Chhmar and interviews with members of Global Heritage Fund and the CBT community.

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