Rice Flattening

At the beginning of the rice harvest, some rice is set aside to be specially prepared and eaten during certain Khmer ceremonies. In Khmer, this is called dalambok (rice flattening). Traditionally, the rice is served for the Sampeas Preah Khe (Moon salutation) celebration during the Water Festival, held in November every year. Flattened rice can also be prepared year-round and is eaten in other special family gatherings. All the women and families in Banteay Chhmar know how to prepare this unique dish.

To prepare dalambok, first, fresh rice is heated in a dry pan. Then, the rice is put in a wooden cylinder (tbaal) and pounded with a heavy stick. After the pounding, the rice hulls are separated and thrown away. Dalambok can be eaten dry as a snack. However, most families will add coconut milk, sugar and banana to make it more delicious and sweet.

Rice Flattening is $10 per group with $1 saved in the CBT Local Fund. Please see our Prices & Tours page for more information.