Traditional Music

Traditional Khmer music is a beautiful art form. The subtle interaction between instruments is both enticing and lovely. Many songs are also accompanied by a singer and sometimes dancers. Cambodian music was almost all lost during the Khmer Rouge period when all cultural activities were scorned and instruments and recordings were destroyed. Fortunately, enough talented musicians survived and have been able to pass their talents onto younger people.

Banteay Chhmar is fortunate to have such a group of  musicians who respect and remember the importance of Cambodia’s musical heritage. Many of  the songs have a special meaning and an order in which they are played during ceremonies. Please enjoy a candlelight dinner in the temple while listening to some beautiful music. You may hear some of the following songs.

  •     Houm Rong: This song is played first in ceremonies to honor ancestors, temple guardians, spirits and gods. It is also the first song played on the first day of a wedding ceremony.
  •     Luom Neang: Played during the first night of the wedding ceremony, especially when a man talks with his partner.
  •     Kong Souy: Played to dedicate food to ancestors, guardians and spirits and for cleansing bad thoughts, illusions and absolution of sins.


Traditional music is $15 per group with $1 saved in the CBT Local Fund. Please see our Prices & Tours  page for more information.