Village Tours

There are many ways to get around and see Banteay Chhmar from going for a leisurely stroll around the market area to a more traditional ox-cart ride to the baray (water reservoir) or to one of the satellite temples.

A popular outing is a kuyon (powered tractor) trip to Banteay Torp where you can enjoy a picnic lunch. The villagers use kuyons for many of their daily needs such as collecting water from the moat, bringing fruits and vegetables to the market and serving as a taxi to bring farmers back and forth to the fields.

Whatever your choice, we can help you get around town. Please ask us about ox-cart tours, kuyon trips, moto and bicycle rentals.

 Ox-cart trips $7/maximum of 4 persons; kuyon trips $10/group of 10 – $1 saved in the CBT Local Fund; Bicycle rentals are $1.50/day.  Please see our Prices & Tours page for more information.